Walk of the Month: Future of the Past in Geuzenveld


In April, the Future of the Past walk in Geuzenveld will be the fourth in the Walking and Bike Tour of the Month series. In addition, it is the second in the series of Toekomst van Toon walks, which show and explain the characteristic highlights of the 1935 General Expansion Plan (AUP).

On Sunday, April 14 or Saturday, April 20, walk with a guide through the garden city of Geuzenveld. Learned from the experiences in the previously realized Bos en Lommer and Slotermeer, the design for Geuzenveld, by Cornelis van Eesteren and Jakoba Mulder, focused on neighborhood and neighborhood ideas. Each of the neighborhoods around Lambertus Zijlplein, which still bear the name of the architect who designed the neighborhood, was set up according to the principles of light, air and green space. In between are the lanes for facilities such as shops, schools and recreation. The built result has become a varied neighborhood. And as it should be in a dynamic city, the neighborhood is not frozen in time: recent innovation has brought profound changes.

Walk along and see what has remained, what has disappeared and what has been added. Here you can find more information about the walk and tickets!