Women of the AUP.

Jakoba Mulder in the office.

The exhibition Women of the AUP. highlights the work of four female architects who all worked for the Municipality of Amsterdam Department of Public Works and contributed to the 1935 General Expansion Plan in Amsterdam, also known as the AUP. To date, the AUP. has always been attributed to urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren and his team of male architects. However, this exhibition tells that leading female architects also contributed to this large-scale urban expansion in Amsterdam.

The exhibition focuses on four female architects: Jakoba Mulder (1900 - 1988), Koos Pot-Keegstra (1908 - 1997), Anna van Hattem (1924 - 1984) and Manon Beukema Toe Water-Peyrot (1927 - 2014). The exhibition shows various archival material by the four architects from the Amsterdam City Archives and Nieuwe Instituut, photos, videos, sound clips, drawings and objects. The exhibition highlights a 1 on 1 fragment of the architects. The 1 on 1 expert focuses on an important architectural design.

With the exhibition Women of the AUP., the Van Eesteren Museum is striving for a historical correction. The museum wants to address, critique and correct the dominant narrative in architectural and urban planning history, in which the male individual receives the most credits. The exhibition focuses not only on their contribution to the AUP. but on their wider career in Amsterdam.

Curators Jorn Konijn and Rosa van Rumpt

Content advisors Ellen van Kessel and Linda Vlassenrood

Spatial design Ira Price Agency

Graphic design Vanessa van Dam

Made possible in part by Nathalie de Vries (MVRDV) and Marlies Rohmer Architecture & Urbanism.

8 Mar
16 Jun
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In this exhibition
In this exhibition
Koos Pot-Keegstra
Annie van Hattem
Right: Manon Peyrot
Jakoba Mulder surrounded by men
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In this exhibition
In this exhibition
In this exhibition
Cornelis Outshoornstraat in Geuzenveld, by J.W.H.C. Pot and J.F. Pot-Keegstra, Amsterdam City Archives
Sloterparkbad by Manon Peyrot, Amsterdam City Archives
Gibraltarstraat Jakoba Mulder, Amsterdam City Archives
Model home Goed Wonen, Amsterdam City Archives