Bicycle Tour of the Month: Sacred homes in Nieuw-West


In February, the Heilige Huisjes bike tour in Nieuw-West is the bike ride of the month! Accompanied by a guide, cycle with us on Saturday, February 10 or Saturday, February 17, past church buildings in Nieuw-West.

The Heilige Huisjes in Nieuw-West bike tour is the second of the new Walking/Bike Tour of the Month series. Accompanied by a guide, walk with us on Saturday, February 10 or Saturday, February 17, 2024, along some of the many church buildings in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Experience the differences between the buildings and discover their role for the neighborhoods; in the fields of urban planning, architecture, religion and visual arts.

For urban planner and architect Cornelis van Eesteren, the church as a building volume was an ingredient in which he brought variety to the 'monotonous' neighborhoods dominated by housing. With their socio-cultural role, churches also stimulated community building. The architectural place of worship concept of that time is now a heritage issue. The four church buildings in the bike ride are a municipal monument. New destinations and imminent destruction raise new questions and emotions. Are the churches, so carefully arranged by Van Eesteren on his map, still sacred? What is the future of church buildings in Nieuw-West?